Pokemon: Shuckle Those Berries

Pokemon: Berry Juice

When the original Pokemon Gold and Silver version came out I was deeply invested in the Pokemon series. For me, Pokemon was my world and I couldn’t get enough of it. When they announced the remastered version, I knew I was going to spend many nights playing. I spent a lot of time in Soul Silver and worked pretty hard on a team of Pokemon. I made sure their EV’s were all perfect and that they had the best moves. I couldn’t get myself to go and figure out the perfect IVs, though. I wasn’t ready to go that deep. I had a spreadsheet figuring out which Pokemon I was going to work with until I was just delighted with my team. I dubbed this team ‘The Fatties United’. The team was a Swampert, Blissey, Gengar, Metagross, Salamence and Wobbuffet. The Wobbuffet was in there to be a jerk and I wanted to see how ridiculous this little guy was. After building this crazy team, I just looked at their stats and was very happy. Never really played against other people but just enjoyed tearing through the game with these powerhouses.

After training your Pokemon you need to cool off with a refreshing drink. One of those refreshing drinks introduced in the second generation of Pokemon was Berry Juice. The master crafter of this drink was actually a Pokemon, not a person, named Shuckle. All you had to do was give him a berry to hold and he would eventually make Berry Juice. Making your own Berry Juice is just as simple. The Schuckle will simply be replaced by a blender. This is a nice refreshing drink that is perfect for the end of summer.

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Pokemon: Mauville PokeNOM Food Court

Pokemon: Village Sub Combo

Recently, a few of my fellow nerdy food bloggers have discussed working on themed food months. For our first month, Fiction-Food Cafe hosted #RedwallAugust. There were many delicious treats from the book series and that can be found here.This month, The Gluttonous Geek is hosting #PokeNOM. There will be plenty of treats being made from the world of Pokemon during the month of September from several food blogs around the web. Please check out the post here. I am excited to participate in this month’s theme and will be creating a few food items from the Pokemon series.

A friend pointed out a city in Pokemon Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire called Mauville that has a battle food court. The way it works is you order food and while you wait for it to be cooked you participate in some Pokemon battles. There are three different counters with different food, rules and prizes to win. When you first start battling, the only option you have is the Village Sub Combo which the player must compete in Single Battles. If you are victorious you are rewarded with your meal and an extra random berry.

Of course after reading about this food court I knew I had to recreate a meal from there. This week we are going to focus on that first counter and make a Village Sub Combo. The image provided in the game is not the highest quality but I used some inspiration from meals I saw around Japan. This Village Sub Combo is a chicken katsu sandwich seasoned with tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayo. The chicken is fried so it is extremely important that you prep everything for the chicken before you start warming the oil. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and have hot oil going while you have to prep. I highly recommend keeping an eye out during the frying process to be safe.

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Overwatch: Watermelon over Illios

Overwatch: Watermelon Salad

After weeks of debating, I’ve finally picked up Overwatch. I’ve been enjoying this game a lot. I find myself talking strategies with friends and reading tips about the characters I play the most, Mercy and Lucio. I find the support heroes are really fun to play, and it allows my friends to play more heroes they like since support is covered. Many of my friends are leveled decently high (near the 100 mark) and this has forced me into some pretty high skilled games.

I love playing as Lucio on Illios. There are so many little holes and areas to push people off. One evening my husband set up a few custom matches so we could roam around and look for food in the game. While roaming Illios, we noticed a few tables set up. On several of the tables there was a plate with watermelon, olives and a large leaf. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with it. A quick search on greek meals pointed me in the direction of a watermelon salad. I was skeptical that this combination was going to work but after one bite I was in love. The sweetness of the watermelon and saltiness of the olives compliment each other so perfectly. My favorite piece of all this was the feta cheese. Usually I find feta a little boring but is absorbed all the flavor of each of the elements. The salad was so light, refreshing and perfect for the end of summer. This recipe is very easy and a sure crowd pleaser.

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Guild Wars 2: Flan-aversary!

Guild Wars 2: Bowl of Gelatinous Ooze Custard

I cannot believe it has been four years since Guild Wars 2 was released. Four years of fun times in game and plenty of fun in the kitchen recreating many treats. I find myself loading up the game just to roam the lands and see if I can find anything cool. I really do enjoy the world of Tyria. I’m happy they included the ability to glide in the original maps. One of my favorite areas to jump and float around is Malchor’s Leap. The area might be filled with Risen and is a bit gloomy but that all fits the mood of all the events that have taken place in this zone. I was very excited for this year’s anniversary gift. The new back pieces look really pretty. I haven’t decided which one I want first but I’m happy I’ll be able to get all of them eventually.

Guild Wars 2 is the game I have recreated the most recipes from. There are so many options it is difficult to choose which one to do next. In honor of the fourth anniversary I decided to make one of my husband’s favorite desserts, flan. I’ve already done a basic caramel flan on the site before and it was time to give it a bit of a twist. Luckily there is the bowl of gelatinous ooze custard in Guild Wars 2 ready for experimenting! When I first saw the image and the recipe in game I knew the direction I had to take. The custard for this flan would need to be heavily vanilla flavored and the custard would need to be raspberry flavored.

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Yakuza 5: Shinada’s Chicken Wings

Yakuza 5: Shinada's Chicken Wings

It’s a hit! It’s going long! It’s going!
And gone! Home run! That’s a massive homer. What drama! Shinada makes his big club debut! His first at bat as a pro end-
Heeeeey, Shinada, open the damn door this instant. Today is the day you pay me back the money you owe, PLUS INTEREST! I’m not leaving this door until I get my money. Shinada? Are you in there? Wake up! I will get my money back, one way or another! SHINADA?

It has been a slow and gradual play through Yakuza 5, but every time I play I find myself enjoying it. Tatsuo Shinada is a new playable character in the Yakuza series. His story takes place in a red light district of the Nagoya area. Before he was an adult entertainment writer, he was pursuing his dream to become a part of Japan’s major league baseball. Shinada’s story started a little rough for me. I’m not a huge fan of baseball so that starting plot wasn’t really catching my attention. The baseball mini-game frustrated me. I had my husband help get past it. I haven’t gotten too far in his story and I’m really curious to see how he is connected to this whole Tojo Clan versus Omi Alliance main plot.

Shinada starts his story with very little cash. At one point he is down to just 17 yen. What is a guy supposed to eat with only 17 yen! After a few side missions, it seems like a cheap meal is within reach. A popular meal in the Nagoya region is chicken wings. There are several areas you can pick up some beer and wings in the game. This week’s recipe is my Japanese inspired chicken wings. These wings have been a work in progress for my husband and I over the past 6 months. After several experiments, we are happy with the end result and decided it was time to share it with the world. These wings can be pretty spicy, but you are in control of how strong you want this sauce to be. I would recommend mixing in one tablespoon of sambal oelek at a time and giving the sauce a taste. Keep in mind as the sauce warms up it will become slightly spicier, so don’t overdo it!

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Don’t Starve: Berries Will Keep you Filled

Don't Starve: Fresh Fruit Crepe
A new character, Warly, was added into Don’t Starve by the Shipwrecked DLC. He is a cook who carries a handy portable crock pot around. Clearly, he came prepared in a world where you don’t want to starve. Not only does he get this neat device, he also has access to unique recipes that only he can cook. Now this a character I can relate with! This week we are cooking up one of Warly’s speciality recipes, the fresh fruit crepe. The key to a good crepe is to make sure they are thin and cooked properly. Make sure the pan that you are cooking them on is hot and oiled up. Do not flip the crepe too early! It can cause the crepe to tear and that is the last thing you want.
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Stardew Valley: Fields of Hash Browns

Stardew Valley: Hash Browns
I was in Chicago this past week. There is a very small inner city farm two blocks from my parent’s house that I passed by regularly. It was nice to have that little piece of agriculture in the middle of busy city streets. The plot of land has each of the plots dedicated to a different set of vegetables. Each time I saw the farm, I would start pondering how I could improve my farm in Stardew Valley. Even though the plot of land in Chicago was small, it was great to get a few tips based on their layout.

After a long trip it is nice to be home and back in my own kitchen. Unfortunately, I’m exhausted after all my traveling. It is nice to have a few easy recipes under my belt so this week I’m sharing a simpler meal super simple and delicious hash browns. They are always a wonderful complement to any breakfast meal. These hash browns might be one of my lowest ingredient count recipes but I promise the flavor is top notch. Keep in mind while make them to season them well. You are in complete control of how these will taste.
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