Don’t Starve: Berries Will Keep you Filled

Don't Starve: Fresh Fruit Crepe
A new character, Warly, was added into Don’t Starve by the Shipwrecked DLC. He is a cook who carries a handy portable crock pot around. Clearly, he came prepared in a world where you don’t want to starve. Not only does he get this neat device, he also has access to unique recipes that only he can cook. Now this a character I can relate with! This week we are cooking up one of Warly’s speciality recipes, the fresh fruit crepe. The key to a good crepe is to make sure they are thin and cooked properly. Make sure the pan that you are cooking them on is hot and oiled up. Do not flip the crepe too early! It can cause the crepe to tear and that is the last thing you want.
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Stardew Valley: Fields of Hash Browns

Stardew Valley: Hash Browns
I was in Chicago this past week. There is a very small inner city farm two blocks from my parent’s house that I passed by regularly. It was nice to have that little piece of agriculture in the middle of busy city streets. The plot of land has each of the plots dedicated to a different set of vegetables. Each time I saw the farm, I would start pondering how I could improve my farm in Stardew Valley. Even though the plot of land in Chicago was small, it was great to get a few tips based on their layout.

After a long trip it is nice to be home and back in my own kitchen. Unfortunately, I’m exhausted after all my traveling. It is nice to have a few easy recipes under my belt so this week I’m sharing a simpler meal super simple and delicious hash browns. They are always a wonderful complement to any breakfast meal. These hash browns might be one of my lowest ingredient count recipes but I promise the flavor is top notch. Keep in mind while make them to season them well. You are in complete control of how these will taste.
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Guild Wars 2: Out of the Lemongrass

Guild Wars 2: Bowl of Poultry Lemongrass Soup

After weeks of not playing Guild Wars 2, I finally have a reason to log in. Last week, Arenanet released the first chapter of the third living world season, Out of the Shadows. We finally get to continue the story and see where our adventurers are off to next. I promise no spoilers. It was refreshing to play the game again. The new guild name, Dragon’s Watch, made me laugh out loud. It is a bit cheesy but the name is accurate to what the guild does. I stopped playing around January, shortly after realizing my friends weren’t really able to get our raid group together. I have yet to finish any of the raids. If someone wants to run me through the raid I would love it! For now I’ll get my story from these living world seasons.

This week we will be taking a look at the bowl of lemongrass poultry soup from Guild Wars 2. Looking at the required ingredients in game make me feel the recipe would be Thai inspired. At first I took a look at Tom Kha Gai which is a chicken coconut soup flavored with lemongrass and galangal. Galangal is a root and is closely related to ginger. The two ingredients actually look very similar but galangal is a bit larger and harder than ginger. I found galangal to be a bit earthy with a hint of pine. You should be able to find some galangal at your local asian market. If you are unable to find any, you could replace it with ginger. The taste will not be the same but it’ll be a little close. This recipe is pretty easy overall and I know I’ll be making this a few more times in the near future!

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Starbound: The Lost Banana

Starbound: Banana Ice Cream

Last week, Starbound left early access and officially released its 1.0 patch. I was very excited to play this game when it first came out for early access in 2013. I loved Terraria and was ready to see what the next big step was for the gathering and building game type. My friends and I quickly ran through everything and saw all the game had to offer. I did enjoy my time with the game but didn’t feel a need to play more. Many of us stopped and waited. Finally after two and a half years the game is completed and out! All the changes, additions and overall flow of the game are incredible improvements. My floran is slowly making her way through the universe upgrading her armor and conquering planets. My husband just got a teleporter core so we will be working on creating our first colony. I can’t wait to play some more!

Since the game is finally out, it is time to create a delicious Starbound treat! Starbound is a game filled with a lot of banana recipes. I’ve made several already and it seems like more are on the way. This week we are going to create a delicious banana ice cream. This ice cream is heavily flavored with lightly roasted bananas. The caramelization of the bananas in the oven helps amplify the banana flavor. This recipe is very simple and so delicious that I’m tempted to make another batch!

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Stardew Valley: Farming Muffins

Stardew Valley: Poppy Seed Muffin

Ugggh… it’s morning already? Time to get up and get all my chores done before the sun sets. Guess I’ll check the weather and the fortune teller’s predictions for the upcoming days. Alright, rain tomorrow will certainly make my life easier! But eek… I’m going to avoid digging too far in the mine if these spirits are so unhappy with me. Enough television watching, time to get working on the field! First better check on all the vegetation. Awesome, my blueberries are ready to pick. Finally going to turn a profit on these little guys. Time to water them. I really wish I invested in a nicer watering can this past winter. Maybe I should get a few more sprinklers around. That’ll help speed my workload up. Let’s see how my little chickens and cows are doing. All of them are just so happy with their play area. Perfect! I managed to finish chores around the farm with some time left in the day to visit the locals. Man I hope Sebastian comes out of his room this evening. Would love to continue that conversation we had the other day about a motorcycle ride to check out the city.

It finally happened. I purchased Stardew Valley. Goodbye free time! I am forever stuck in the pixelated world of farming and improving the city of Pelican Town. Time flies a little too quickly while I’m playing this game, but it is time I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending. I’m currently on the fall season of year one. I’ve learned about the wonderful world of running a berry farm. It is crazy how many farm upgrades I could afford after selling so few berries. I was very happy that my farm won first place at the Stardew Valley Fair! Man I’m such an awesome farmer in game but unfortunately that doesn’t translate to real life. I hate garden work! Maybe I could take some of this farm optimization into my real outdoor chores…

One thing that does translate from the game to real life is all the wonderful cooking in Stardew Valley. There are so many recipes in this game, I couldn’t help but make a list of the different ones I want to try. The first one that caught my attention was the poppy seed muffin. I usually see poppy seed in a muffin combined with lemon. The in-game recipe does not include lemon, probably because there are no lemons to be found. I got to thinking and baking until I ended up with an extremely fluffy and delicious muffin. These little guys will bring you joy, so get out there and get the work you need to get done on a full stomach!

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Overwatch: Pass into the Sundae

Overwatch - Funday Fudge Sunday

My husband and friends have been playing a lot of Overwatch. Most nights I’ll listen to them playing while I entertain myself with other games. I’ve heard my husband talk about his many achievements in the game and several of his best plays. Without having played the game I have learned a lot about it just by watching and listening to the people around me talk about it. Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t picked it up yet but I can blame other games occupying my free time. It is only a matter of time until I’m convinced to start running around as Mercy keeping my team alive.

I’m really surprised how much food exists in the levels throughout Overwatch. I’ve had my husband walk around each of the levels and look at all the local food stops. On Route 66 you will find a small cafe called Panorama Diner. This place, once a hideout for the Deadlock Gang, has many delicious treats to snack on while you wait to venture into combat. From their delicious Roadkill Burger to their Bacon ‘N’ Bacon, you will leave filled and happy. There is no better way to end a meal at the diner than with a Funday Fudge Sunday. This week we will be diving into this sundae. For your Funday Fudge Sunday, you can decide how many elements you would like to make from scratch. I have included links to recipes for the cookies and ice cream. The recipe below explains how to make hot fudge which can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. When you want to serve the hot fudge, throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time until it is nicely melted.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Galadion Bay’s Special

FFXIV: Finger Sandwich

After a long, busy weekend, it is nice to come home to a quiet house. This past weekend my husband and I had many family members visiting. We did a lot of running around and eating out. It is nice to finally sit down and be able to cook a meal at home. That is until you realize you have the bare minimum of ingredients and you are exhausted. One of my easy recipes to make, perfect for when you don’t want to go out and have to work with what you have lying around, is a hearty egg sandwich. There are many different approaches you can take with the egg sandwich. This week we will be looking at the finger sandwich from Final Fantasy XIV. The game describes the finger sandwich as a very common meal for dockworkers around Galadion Bay. Since these individuals are doing some heavy labor this sandwich needs to be packed! Rather than using normal white bread, I used walnut bread to add some extra needed protein. This little sandwich will keep you full for the long work day.

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